Thomas Brunner

Thomas Brunner is a Vinyl collector, inspiring DJ and co-partner in two sound studios. He started his career by producing for many Swiss artists and running vinyl-shops. With his first band „The Deep Soldiers“ he toured whole Europe.
Then, in 2005 he founded the pioneering radio project Since then as the weekly host of the show, he inspires not only the crowd which is listening but also other radio makers all over the world. As a selector, producer and mixing artist, T.B. went on creating beautiful compilations as f.ex. the British Airways „Club World“ or the Broadcasted „one“, „two“ and „three“. In 2010 he founded the „Verein Stadtmusik“ and became it’s president. A non profit organisation which together with echoes a lot. The echo, provoked by actions and projects where new musical and cultural tendencies are celebrated. The latest project: Stadtmusik Festival which took place in summer 2010, 2011 and 1012 in the court of the Kunstmuseum Basel.